Old Irish Poems
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Daniel, my wife Nolvia, and our daughters Valentina on the right and Elizabeth on the left.

Welcome to Old Irish Poems...

Why I started this page:


    Back in October of 2006 my mother passed away, I took it really hard as you can imagine. I needed something to occupy my time but I didn't have money to blow so it had to be something I could do at home. I was in web design back in the early to late 1990s, I got out of the business after the dot-com-crash of the late 90s because things just kind of dried up. Anyways, I needed something to do so I thought why not build a website? That will keep me busy, so I made this one and a few others just to keep myself busy. I've always loved poetry and my mom was Scotts-Irish, she always had some quotes and sayings to tell. That's what gave me the idea. On the down side however there is only so much content to be had for the site so fresh ideas don't happen very often. Anyways I hope this place will be a help to you, it was for me.


Please visit our facebook page feel free to comment and make suggestions about new content that I could add to the site.  I would love to make this place better and a more valuable resource and perhaps with your help I can!


Good'day, Daniel Nelms-

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